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The oblast is located in the southern part of the republic with the area of 226 ths sq.km. The oblast center is Kyzylorda city. The distance from Kyzylorda to Astana – 1930 km. There are 7 rural regions, 3 towns, 2 villages, 143 aul districts, 2 village districts, 263 rural built up areas.

The oblast enters the group of industrial regions in the republic,its industry in the economy makes 50 %. There is a significant disbalance in the industry – significant domination of mining industry over manufacturing: 93, 3 % and 4, 9 % respectively.

The oblast is a big manufacturer and supplier of common salt, quartz sand, fishing products and the only manufacturer of rice.

In total volume of production in the republic the share of oblast falls at production of 90 % of rice and 70 % of common salt.


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Krymbek Eleuovich Kusherbaev

Akim of Kyzylorda region



May 20th 1955, Kyzylordinskaya region, Kazalinsk.

Higher education, civil engineer degree (the Kazakh Polytechnic institute named after V.I.Lenina). The candidate of philosophical sciences, the doctor of political sciences

Professional occupation

09.1978 - 03.1979 The engineer, the chief of group of preparation of manufacture PMK-112 SPO "Glavrissovhozstroy", Kyzyl-Orda

03.1979 - 02.1981 The chief of a staff of All-Union shock Komsomol construction - rice engineering systems of Kyzylordinskaya region, Kyzyl-Orda

02.1981 - 10.1982 Manager of sector of the Komsomol organizations top-priority project of Central Committee LKSM of Kazakhstan, Alma-Ata.

10.1982 - 09.1983 Organizer of Central Committee LKSM of Kazakhstan, Alma-Ata.

09.1983 - 06.1986 First secretary Kyzylordinskogo of city town committee LKSM of Kazakhstan, Kyzyl-Orda

06.1986 - 03.1987 The assistant of manager department of the Komsomol organizations of Central Committee LKSM of Kazakhstan, Alma-Ata.

03.1987 - 09.1988 The head of department of culture of Central Committee LKSM of Kazakhstan, Alma-Ata.

09.1988 - 01.1991 The post-graduate student of Academy of social studies at the Central Committee of the LKSM, Moscow

01.1991 - 07.1991 Reviewer Referentury on culture and interethnic relations of the Device of the President Kazakh SSSR, Alma-Ata.

07.1991 - 02.1994 The assistant under-secretary to Prime-minister РК, Almaty.

02.1994 - 04.1995г. Chief of Kalininskoy regional administration of city Almaty

04.1995 - 10.1995 Deputy Head of the Device - the head of department of internal policy of the Device of Cabinet RK, of Almaty

10.1995 - 10.1996 Deputy Head of the Device - the head of department of territorial development of Governmental body RK, of Almaty

10.1996 - 10.1997 The press-secretary - the head of the Press-service of President РК, of Almaty

10.1997 - 01.1999 Minister of Education, cultures and public health services РК, of Almaty

01.1999 - 10.1999 Minister of Health, formations and sports РК, Akmola

10.1999 - 12.2000 Minister of Education and sciences РК, Astana

12.2000 - 11.2003 Akim the West-Kazakhstan area, Uralsk

11.2003 - 01.2006 The plenipotentiary Ambassador of Republic Kazakhstan in the Russian Federation, the Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Republic Kazakhstan in the Finnish Republic (in combination); the Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Republic Kazakhstan in Republic Armenia (in combination), Moscow.

01.2006 – 2011 Akim of Mangistau aregion, Aktau.

07.2012 - 09.2012 Adviser to the President.

09.2012 - Deputy Prime Minister. 01.2013 – Akim of Kyzylorda region


Published: 17 September 2013



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