The Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The department of regional development is a subdivision of the Office of Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main activities of the department:

- studies and analyzes social and economic situation in regions, practical aspect in creation of terms for dynamic economic growth, development of agriculture territories, application of regional possibilities for industrial growth and improvement of the population quality of life, performs immediate data, offers and analytical information to the Head of the Office.

- organizes and performs examination of the execution of legislative acts and orders of the Head of the Government  by  local executive boards, local government bodies and governmental authorities, analyzes causes of identified deficiencies and violations, prepares appropriate materials, makes proposals on the adoption of measures for their eliminations;

- provides implementation of set of measures focused on the immediate carrying out of activities of Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Investment and Development (in terms of tourism development);

- ensures the preparation of regional working visits of the Prime Minister and his deputies, organizes and controls execution of assignments, given at the end of the working visits.

Head of the department of regional development – Yerhan Umarov 

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