The Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The social and economic department of the Office of the Kazakh Prime Minister is a subdivision of the Office of the Kazakh Prime Minister.

The main activities of the department:

- information and analytical support to the activities of the Prime Minister and his deputies;

- management of preparations for:

-evaluation of the draft laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, acts of the President, Government and Prime Minister;

 - answers of the Government on inquiries of deputies, letters of deputies and acts of Prosecution Service;

- offers and conclusions on written inquiries of citizens and legal entities;

- government decisions (offers), within integration process as well;

- participation in preparation of reports of the Government to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- organization of control over the execution of acts and orders of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, acts of the Government and Prime Minister, protocol resolutions of Government sessions, assignments of the Prime Minister and his deputies.

Competent issues of the department:

- preparation, monitoring and evaluation of execution of documents of the state planning system, annual Addresses of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the nation, program documents of the Government, memoranda of state authorities;

- organization and development of the state planning system, the system of state statistics, microeconomic forecast, analysis of results of social and economic development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, elaboration of evaluation system of the state authorities. 

- organization and execution of the state budget, development of inter-budget relations, budget sector, development of the employee compensation plan of government sector and civil employees, public borrowings and debts, gross external debt, approval of regulations on state authorities;

- taxation sector, National Fund, external trade statistics, Customs affairs (except for issues of policy formulation on application of customs and tariff and nontariff measures of regulation, operational-investigative activity, legal status of custom bodies, career program in custom bodies, control over export and import, as well as transit of armament, military technologies and double-purpose productions through the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan);

- transfer prices determination, regulation of production and turnover of alcohol and tobacco productions, accountancy, audit and introduction of the International Financial Reporting Standards,  state procurements and financial monitoring (within the mandate of the Government);

- currency regulation and banking sector (within the mandate of the Government);

- insurance activity , development of stock market (in term of securities market );

- social protection and social support of citizens, further development of defined contribution pension system, employment relations, health and safety, employment of population and labor market, social partnership; 

- demography, gender equality, state policy in population migration sector, except for issues on reaction to irregular migration, recording and registration of citizens, foreigners, persons without citizenship, and refugees;

- education and science, integration of science and technical and educational sector;    

- culture, archives and library science; 

- civil society, mass media, participation in development of digital television in terms of content filling;

- development of languages, youth policy, physical training and sports, international and confessional relationships, lottery activity.

- health care of citizens, medicine and pharmaceutical sciences and education, pharmaceutical and medical industries (competition and subsidies aspects), sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population, drug circulation, healthcare products and medical equipment (including aspects of competition, subsidiary, custom and tariff and nontariff regulation), control of the quality of medical services;

- other assignments ordered by the Government and the Office.

The head of the social and economic department – 

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