The Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan ( is the central executive body of the Republic of Kazakhstan carrying out management in the areas of strategic planning, tax and budget policy, as well as policy in the field of customs, public and government and guaranteed by government loan and debt, public-private partnerships, public investment projects, protection of competition and restriction of monopolistic activity, natural monopolies and regulated markets, international economic and financial relations, including the regulation of international economic integration, management and development of foreign trade, regulation of trading activities, management of state assets, including improvement of the quality of corporate governance, public administration, public policy development in the provision of public services, mobilization training and mobilization, migration, state material reserve;

- regional development, development and support of private entrepreneurship, architecture, urban planning and construction activities, housing matters and communal services, state regulation in the field of water supply and sanitation, electricity, heat and gas supply within borders (line) of villages, land management, geodetic and mapping activities;

- protection of competition and restriction of monopolistic activity on the relevant product markets, control and regulation of the activities, referred to the state monopoly, and to the extent provided by law, intersectoral coordination and other special executive, approval and control functions;

- regulation and control of natural monopolies and regulated markets, except for areas in the field of telecommunications and postal services, in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the control and regulation of activity of the energy and power supply companies in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Electricity";

- state statistical activity;

- consumer rights protection, sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population, control and supervision of compliance with the requirements established by technical regulations and normative documents for products and services sold to consumers, as well as in the field of food safety at the stage of its implementation, carrying out inter-sectoral coordination, strategic, regulatory, supervisory and control, realizable and licensing functions.

Ruslan Dalenov

Minister of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan




Ruslan Dalenov was born on Feb. 8, 1975.


In 1999 he graduated from the Marmara University in Istanbul (Turkey) with a degree in economics.

Work experience:

He began his career in 1999, serving as a leading specialist, head of the Division on Oil, Gas and Energy, deputy head, head of the Department of Analysis and Forecasting at the Ministry of State Revenues of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

From March to September 2002 he held the post of head of the Administration for Revenue Analysis and Forecasting of the Department for Revenue Analysis and Forecasting of the Ministry of State Revenues.

From September 2002 to May 2003 he worked as acting head of the Administration of Current Revenues of the Department of Revenues, Conventions and Contracts of the Ministry of State Revenues.

From May to September 2003 he was head of the Department of Revenue Analysis and Current Forecasting of the Tax Committee of the Ministry of Finance.

From 2005 to 2008 he worked in the private sector.

From March 2008 to April 2017 he was vice minister of finance.

From April 2017 to Feb. 25, 2019, he was the first vice minister of national economy of Kazakhstan.

On Feb. 25, 2019, he was appointed minister of national economy by the Presidential Decree.


He was awarded the Qurmet Order, medals "Yeren Enbegi Ushin," “For Contribution to the Creation of the Eurasian Economic Union” of the second degree, the “Qarzhy Qyzmetinin Uzdigi” award pin of the Ministry of Finance and jubilee medals “Astananyn 10 Zhyldygy,” “20 Years of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.”


Published: 07 August 2014



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