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Work during emergency state, introducing new technologies and fighting against corruption — Minister of Internal Affairs reports at public meeting

Wednesday, 10 June 2020, 20:30:48

At a reporting public meeting, Minister of Internal Affairs Yerlan Turgumbayev spoke about the main results of the department’s work in 2019.

According to Turgumbayev, today the Ministry of Internal Affairs demonstrates the principle of openness and transparency and takes measures to increase public confidence and establish a feedback system.

To do this, first of all, the procedure for admitting citizens was revised. Now the heads of regional departments, district and city departments of internal affairs, their deputies conduct this work weekly. The reception is actively carried out in the ministry itself.

“Last year alone, I received 326 people (this year — 111), my deputies received 309 (87 this year). In order to exclude the financial expenses of citizens on travel, accommodation in the capital, the reception of appeals via video link was organized directly from regional departments. This allows us to significantly speed up decision-making,” the minister informed.

In the city and district police departments, the Reception for Citizens has been created, which provides advisory assistance to the population.

Within the framework of the concept of the hearing state and the transition from the “cabinet system,” the actions “Reception on the Road” are regularly held. Holding such field consultations allows citizens to make personal contact with the police, and the police, in turn, have the opportunity to establish effective interaction with the population.

A total of 184 thousand citizens have been consulted since the start of the campaign. Over 193 thousand appeals were considered, including 26 thousand proposals regarding improving the work of the police.

Opinion of citizens used as main criterion for evaluating work of the police

Reporting meetings held by the heads of police and district inspectors contribute to improving interaction with the population. During such events, rational proposals are received from citizens to strengthen the rule of law and the work of the police in a specific territory.

The blog of the minister is functioning, where since the beginning of the year, explanations for 2 thousand complaints have been promptly given.

Personal accounts of the heads of police departments have been opened on social networks where they conduct live broadcasts.

Developing feedback with the population. The Police.kz news media portal has been created, where citizens and the media receive relevant, timely and reliable information.

Moreover, the Q & A section operates, where not a single message is left without consideration. The answers to the most asked questions are also posted there. Already today this site is read by about 15 thousand Internet users.

“Given the great interest of society in the activities of the police, to establish partnerships we use the capabilities of social networks. Just yesterday, we launched a public online reception for citizens on Facebook. We are open to suggestions and suggestions regarding improving the state of security,” the minister emphasized.

Moreover, since last year, public opinion of citizens has been used as the main criterion for evaluating the work of the police. For this, independent institutions conduct sociological research. By the way, last year results showed that 89% of the country's population trust the police as a whole, while in rural areas this figure is even higher (92%).

Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan plans to bring the automation system to 91%

Today, the ministry is introducing new information technologies.

Work is underway to cancel paper certificates and transfer all public services to electronic format. In 2019, 24.5 million services were provided.

This, firstly, eliminates corruption. Secondly, it saves the time of ordinary citizens. Thirdly, it allows you to solve the problem, being at home, through the portal of the Electronic Government.

Certain results have been achieved:

  • The issue of address certificates has been canceled. Previously, 10 million people a year stood in line to receive this certificate.
  • Since Jan. 1, 2020, foreigners temporarily arriving in the country do not pass registration. Those who are invited to the migration service must apply on their own.
  • 83% of the services provided by the ministry have been converted to electronic format. By the end of the year, several more services in the field of migration will switch to the online system. As a result, 200 employees will be transferred to other jobs.
  • Registration and examination departments of auto-shops were closed and transferred to public service centers so that there was no direct connection between employees and citizens. Issuance of driver’s licenses, license plates, registration of vehicles, passing tests — all this is now carried out in public service centers. This excludes corruption.

To strengthen control on the roads, systems for automatically recording traffic violations are introduced. Over the past year alone, their number has increased 3 times. The use of such modern systems made it possible to minimize police contacts with citizens, as well as increase discipline of road users. With their help, more than 1.5 million violations are detected annually in the republic, which is about 40% of all traffic violations, and for the capital this figure is 65%. Over 8 billion tenge is recovered in the country's budget.

The practice of sending notices of penalties through mobile applications, SMS messages and mail is expanding. The field of electronic administrative production is developing.

Patrol officers are equipped with electronic tablets (13 thousand) and terminals for non-cash payment of fines. This reduces the time it takes to draw up the protocols, provides verification of the offender by accounting, and also allows you to pay fines on the spot. It is also a serious anti-corruption measure, since the entered information can no longer be deleted from the database.

In addition, in the near future, the need for drivers to have several documents with them — a driver’s license, registration certificate, insurance policy, etc. will be eliminated. It will be enough to have an identity card with you. The remaining information will be checked using tablets. Legislative amendments are being introduced.

Along with this, the police are equipped with video recorders (14.5 thousand). Their use allows us to exclude subjective assessments and conflict situations.

Pre-trial production is being automated. This year, a third of all criminal cases have been investigated electronically (30 thousand). This form made it possible to ensure transparency of the criminal process, significantly reduce the time of investigation, and also increase control.

Protecting life and health during emergency state

As Turgumbayev noted, during the emergency and quarantine, police officers along with doctors were at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19.

The ministry of the Interior has made every effort to ensure security in the country. In emergency situations, 400 roadblocks and 200 sanitary posts worked. Security was set up at particularly important state and strategic sites. In order to localize the disease, residential buildings were taken under protection. More than 9 thousand people were put on the wanted list and found.

“More than 50 thousand employees of the National Guard and internal affairs bodies were involved in all these works. Thanks to the employees who, sacrificing their personal time, while away from their families, faithfully performed their duty to the Motherland and to the people, as well as to citizens who showed understanding for our work. I want to thank the volunteers who made a great contribution,” said Turgumbayev.

In addition, over the past year, internal affairs agencies have encountered a number of serious emergencies of a natural and man-made nature.

The most serious of them are ensuring safety and eliminating the consequences of explosions of ammunition in the warehouses of the military unit in the city of Arys.

The past winter period was characterized by extremely heavy snowfalls and heavy snow drifts. Police and rescuers conducted search activities day and night — more than 12 thousand people were evacuated and rescued, including 850 children. More than 5 thousand pieces of equipment were rescued from snow drifts. Employees of internal affairs agencies in difficult weather conditions, risking their own lives, were able to prevent death.

Given winter rainfall, the risks of flood complications were great. Thanks to the measures taken to prevent flood threats — the construction of protective dams, shore protection, engineering protection of settlements, ice blasting on rivers, it was possible to prevent large-scale flooding in the country.

Last month, units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs were urgently transferred to the Maktaaral district of the Turkistan region, where they provided assistance to the population affected by the breakthrough of the dam of the reservoir in Uzbekistan.

Every year, significant forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are involved in extinguishing natural fires. This year, 173 forest-steppe fires have already occurred. The largest of them is in the Semey Orman natural reserve of the East Kazakhstan region, where heavy helicopter equipment was used.

In all cases, thanks to the joint efforts of the emergency, police, akimats, other government agencies and volunteers, grave consequences were avoided.

Fire safety measures are being taken in settlements. Since the beginning of the year, more than 4 thousand fires have been recorded. Unfortunately, 147 people died in them. At the same time, 470 people were saved from the fire by employees, 134 of them children.

Often, fires in the residential sector are associated with malfunctioning stove and electrical equipment. In this regard, detours of residential buildings are carried out, during which thousands of fire safety violations are identified. With the help of akimats and sponsors, more than 95 thousand smoke and gas sensors were installed in the homes of socially vulnerable segments of the population.

“Now for us the most relevant is the prevention of death on the water. Due to the increase in temperature in May, before the official opening of the bathing season, 36 people have drowned, including 15 children,” the minister said.

The main reasons are reassessment of one's own strengths, bathing while intoxicated and in unequipped places, leaving children unattended near water bodies.

Today, over 100 urban and about 500 private beaches equipped with rescue posts are defined for swimming in the country.

State of criminal situation in the country

In many areas, the situation has improved significantly. So, the number of crimes since the beginning of the year decreased by 38%. The number of inflicting grievous bodily harm, robbery, robbery, theft, hooliganism has decreased.

Less offenses have been committed by minors previously convicted, intoxicated, as well as on the streets and in other public places. The detection rates of most types of crimes have improved.

At the same time, the number of offenses in the family-household sphere increased by 25%.

“During the state of emergency, in connection with the citizens being in isolation, the number of victims of violence on the hot lines of crisis centers increased. At the same time, unfortunately, only 2 out of 10 victims agree to contact the police,” the minister said.

To ensure their safety in relation to family rowdy, almost 37 thousand protective orders were issued, 4.8 thousand special requirements for the behavior of offenders were established.

Online frauds increased with growing e-shopping

It should be noted that the spread in isolation mode of the practice of distance shopping, online services has contributed to a multiple increase in the number of online frauds. Disclosure of such crimes is carried out by the Center for Combating Cybercrime, which operates within the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Just recently, in Almaty, the group that organized the whole scheme of Internet fraud was exposed. Criminals circulated false cryptocurrency and nearly 800 billion people took possession of money in the amount of 1.3 billion tenge. In this regard, Turgumbayev called on citizens to be vigilant in transactions with electronic payments.

Along with this, scammers in the media place aggressive advertising, attract famous personalities. For example, such methods were used to create financial pyramids by such microcredit organizations as Profitable Loan, Guarantor 24 Lombard, ESTATE Lombard. From their actions 39 thousand investors lost more than 8 billion tenge. Many of them are now in extremely difficult financial situation. In turn, the Ministry of Internal Affairs detained, including abroad, 3 founders of companies (Moldova, Kyrgyzstan), 25 heads of regional branches (7 are wanted).

This criminal case is under the personal control of the minister.

With the development of technology, types of fraud and theft are increasing. In order to deceive people, steal their valuables, cattle, rob at home, robbers come up with various ways.

To combat technological information crime, police officers recruit IT professionals and try to prevent theft and fraud.

First, a special program for 3 years has been adopted. Second, the criminal liability for theft has been strengthened. Third, a special article has been introduced into the cattle-breeding law.

Cattle theft causes significant damage to rural residents and peasant farms, since it is often cattle that is the only source of income. In this regard, on behalf of the Head of State, an independent article for animal husbandry was introduced into the Criminal Code.

This year, in 70% of cases (750 out of 1,014), livestock were abducted from pasture where they had been for a long time without any control. Often stray cattle are simply lost and appropriated by other persons.

Moreover, uncontrolled cattle grazing causes traffic accidents. Since the beginning of the year, 24 facts of animal incidents were recorded, as a result of which four people were killed and 50 injured. Therefore, the Law entrusts maslikhats with the obligation to develop Rules for grazing livestock. This will increase the level of ownership of the owners.

Where and how will auto parts be sold?

The prevention of another common type of theft — auto parts — is facilitated by changes to the Internal Trade Rules initiated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Now, used parts can only be sold in specialized stores, retail outlets with the obligatory drawing up of an agreement, indicating the person who delivered the goods and attaching a photo image of the product.

Together with the National Bank, Rules for Pawnshops have been developed, they exclude the conditions for the reception and sale of stolen things.

The responsibility for theft has been strengthened. Now the repeated commission of this crime belongs to the category of grave — this excludes the possibility for the offender to reconcile with the injured party and to avoid punishment. All this allowed to reduce the number of thefts by almost 50% (to 31.7 thousand).

Targeted work to combat drug crime continues

Since the beginning of the year, more than 1 thousand drug-related crimes have been detected, including 748 facts of sale and 49 — smuggling.

Activities of organized crime groups in the drug business have been eliminated.

1.4 tons of drugs were seized from illicit trafficking.

Against the background of a decrease in the volume of heroin entering the country, synthetic drugs are widely used. This year, 261 facts related to their illegal trafficking were revealed and suppressed.

Over 26 kg of such drugs were seized, which is 5.5 times more than the same period last year. Synthetic drugs are distinguished by their cheapness, both in manufacture and in sale. Since the beginning of the year, the activity of 3 underground drug laboratories has been suppressed.

Drug traffickers are actively using non-contact drug sales, using the capabilities of Internet resources and electronic payment systems.

In this regard, the responsibility for drug crimes using these technologies has been tightened, as well as for inducing drug use through propaganda and advertising.

The measures taken revealed 500 such electronic resources, removed 234 graffiti inscriptions with the electronic addresses of drug sites (13 people were prosecuted).

Meanwhile, the situation is complicated by the presence of its own raw materials base in the Shu Valley with huge plantations of wild hemp.

In addition, in the southern regions, especially in the Kyzylorda region, facts of cultivation of “Indian hemp” are recorded. Therefore, since the beginning of June, a large-scale operational and preventive event “Karasora” has been held.

In general, as a result of the measures taken, according to the Ministry of Healthcare, over the past 12 years there has been a steady downward trend in drug addiction.

Salaries of patrol police officers increased by 65%

As noted by Turgumbayev, special attention in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan is given to issues of prompt response to signals of violations. Here, the greatest burden is assigned to the patrol police units, which are the first to arrive at the scene. In this regard, this service has been strengthened. Increased the number of outfits on the streets. Salary increased by 65% ​​(from 103 thousand tenge to 146 thousand tenge).

In addition, since last year, all auto patrols are equipped with means of saving citizens. Their use in fires, road accidents, and in rescuing drowning people, made it possible to save the lives of not only the injured, but also to ensure the safety of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In addition, in order to ensure the comfort and safety of foreigners during their stay in Kazakhstan, a new service has been created — the tourist police.

In the most criminal areas of regional centers, in the courtyards of residential areas, stationary police posts of a modular type are installed.

Video surveillance systems are expanding, the preventive effect of which has been proven by practice. In total, about 230 thousand video cameras function in the republic. With the help of video surveillance systems, thousands of crimes are revealed and hundreds of thousands of administrative offenses are revealed.

Juvenile delinquency rates reduced significantly

One of the important activities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is the prevention of juvenile delinquency.

The juvenile police work with difficult teenagers (6 thousand) and dysfunctional families (in which 11 thousand children live). Subject preventive maintenance is carried out by school police inspectors. As a result, juvenile delinquency has declined significantly.

At the same time, crimes against children are of particular concern. About 2 thousand such crimes are committed annually. These are tortures, beatings, extortions, leaving in danger. A third of them are related to sexual assault.

“Last year, a rape of a girl in a street toilet in a school in Taraz has aroused public indignation. This case revealed many problems in the organization of security in educational institutions. Now, together with the Ministry of Education and local executive bodies, all schools are equipped with video surveillance systems, contracts are being concluded with security services,” the minister commented.

In addition, from the beginning of the year, the punishment for sexual violence, pedophilia, crimes against children (20 years or life imprisonment) has been toughened. However, only the efforts of the police cannot solve this problem. In more than 70% of such cases, violence is committed by persons from close circle: fathers, stepfathers, cohabitants of the mother, neighbors and acquaintances. Sometimes such crimes last for years. Often, victims and their relatives are silent and prefer to solve these problems within the family. In the structure of general crime, they make up more than 1% (1.4%). Each such fact is the tragedy of the child and their  broken fate.

Another serious problem is suicides among minors. Since the beginning of the year, 58 children have committed suicide and 137 have attempted. At the same time, half of all teenage suicides (25 facts and 53 attempts) occurred during the state of emergency. That is, their causes are most often associated with family problems.

Low transport discipline causes accidents

An equally important task facing the internal affairs bodies is ensuring road safety.

About 2.5 thousand people die on the roads annually, more than 20 thousand are injured. Since the beginning of the year, 547 people have died in 4.2 thousand traffic accidents, 5.5 thousand people are injured.

The main reason for high accident rate is low transport discipline. Often exceed the speed limit, violate the rules of maneuvering.

“It is worth recognizing that the driving culture in society has not yet been formed. Dangerous and aggressive driving on the roads has become the norm. Such levity leads to tragic consequences. There are many examples. Therefore, the driver, while driving a car, must be aware of the responsibility not only for his life, but also for other participants in the movement. Concern is caused by incessant facts of driving while intoxicated,” said Turgumbayev.

On behalf of the Head of State, responsibility for drunk driving has been tightened since the beginning of the year. However, this does not stop some fellow citizens. Already 881 drivers have been prosecuted. 3.4 thousand violators are deprived of control rights, about 6.7 thousand are arrested.

In colonies, conditions to ensure employment created

One of the important areas of activity of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is the improvement of the penal system.

The problems of the penal correctional system are the legacy of the old colonies with the squad-barracks regime for the maintenance of convicts, their employment, material support, and re-socialization after release.

In general, a lot of work has been done in recent years. Thanks to the humanization of national legislation, the prison population has declined. The number of persons sentenced to punishments not related to imprisonment is increasing annually. Due to this, 12 colonies were eliminated. The legal status of prisoners is improving. To maintain socially useful relationships with relatives, online dating has been introduced. A number of colonies already have the opportunity to order food, clothing, books through electronic stores. Convicts have the right to submit appeals to the court and the prosecutor’s office through electronic terminals located in the colonies.

In addition, it is allowed to exercise in the fresh air in free time from the daily routine.

Conditions are being created to ensure employment in the colonies. Today, more than 42% of prisoners are involved in this area. This gives them the opportunity to compensate the material damage to the victims, to provide assistance to their families.

The enterprises of the legal correction system have mastered the production of metal-woodworking, construction and other goods. However, the state of emergency significantly affected the organization of labor. Soon the production activities have been reoriented to the manufacture of protective masks.

This made it possible not only to provide police officers with personal protective equipment, but also to arrange supplies to third-party organizations (akimats, SK-Pharmacy).

Tailoring of protective overalls for personnel involved in quarantine measures and the production of disinfection tunnels were also organized. In the course of this work, convicts learn new professions that are in demand on the labor market.

This contributes to their further adaptation in society.

Number of bodies and units of Ministry of Internal Affairs reduced by 10%

Turgumbayev spoke about measures to reform the system. Last year, the structure was optimized, superfluous management links were abolished. The number of bodies and units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has been reduced by 10%. Including more than 1 thousand leadership positions. A number of unusual features are also excluded. The money saved is aimed at increasing the wages of employees.

In addition, the list of employees receiving compensation for rental housing has been expanded. In order to train police officers of a new format, a serious reform of departmental education was carried out. Of the 12 educational institutions for the training of police, the 5 best were left.

Police service standards have been approved. This is a set of requirements for personal and professional qualities necessary for the performance of official tasks.

Other measures were taken that focused on the “service model” of the work of internal affairs bodies, and building open trusting relationships with society.

Basis of ministry's ongoing reforms is anti-corruption issues

Tough measures are being taken to eradicate corruption in our own ranks. Any manifestations are suppressed already at an early stage. A number of important documents have been adopted, including a memorandum, an anti-corruption program and a plan between the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Anti-Corruption Service and public organizations.

An internal analysis of corruption risks in the units most affected by them is carried out.

Due to the digitalization of public services, contacts with the population are minimized, administrative barriers are reduced. Increased requirements for the selection and placement of personnel, with an emphasis on sustainable anti-corruption immunity.

At the same time, systematic measures are envisaged to preserve experienced and honest professionals. As a result of the principled approach, the number of corruption offenses was reduced by 34%.

“Each case of a corruption offense is regarded as an emergency. The perpetrators are prosecuted. The answer is also their direct leaders,” the minister said.

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