The Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan will launch Kazakhstan national electronic drug formulary (KNF) with the free access for patients and physicians. Today Deputy Minister of Health and Social Development Alexey Tsoi has reported about this fact.

“Kazakhstan national drug formulary is elaborated to improve patient treatment outcomes and to provide the access for health care professionals to up-to-date, complete and reliable information about medicines. The Kazakhstan national drug formulary will be available for all citizens in May on the following link:,” A. Tsoy said.

He also noticed that the KNF included 644 international non-proprietary names of drugs and about 2 thousand trade names with   proven clinical efficacy.

The best international practices, evidence-based approaches to the management of pharmacotherapy, research data of consumption level clinically and cost effective, safe medical preparations cost of the treatment of each disease were used during the elaboration of the KNF.

“The list of drugs included in the KNF will be updated on an ongoing basis to help doctors to be always informed about new registered medications, about their side effects, to obtain confirmation dosage of any medicine, to assign the optimal course of treatment,” acting chairman of the Committee on control of medical and pharmaceutical activity of the Ministry of Health and Social Development Larissa Pak.

Experts of the World Bank, international consultants from Europe and New Zealand including developer of the British national drug formulary Duncan Enright were involved in the development of the KNF.

According to Mr. Duncan Enright, the Kazakhstan national drug formulary is a unique project that will improve the results of treatment of citizens and save budgetary funds through the most efficient procurement of medicines.

“Our international team of experts worked on other similar projects, including the British National Formulary that is considered to be the first resource of such type. But the Kazakhstan National Drug Formulary is first new form with such ambitious goals as to provide new resource of knowledge, to strengthen the whole formulary system and promote the use of medical evidence. Nowadays it is the leading source of such information in Central Asia, and perhaps in the whole world,” Mr. Duncan Enright said.

In turn, Head of the Center of the Kazakhstan National Drug Formulary Talgat Nurgozhin said that the KNF would enhance the competitive environment and increase transparency in purchasing, provide the opportunity to select products based on client oriented model of drug supply. “The Kazakhstan National Drug Formulary will be a great data base for doctors and citizens of the country. In addition, it will allow each organization to form its own medical formulary on the basis of the KNF so as to plan the budget, depending on the profile and drug prices,” the head of the center summed up


Published: 21 April 2016



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