At the Government meeting the Minister of National Economy of Kazakhstan Kuandik Bishimbayev informed that audit of government programs on the instruction of the Prime Minister will be held this year.

Bakytzhan Sagintayev instructed to carry out an audit of government programs to find free money that it is planned to allocate on business credit.

"In 2017 a number of major programs involving high costs to be completed. There are resources on programs that are now being implemented, for example "Employment Roadmap". The first direction is to provide employment, we financed a construction works in rural areas. Today we have passed all costs to the local level, in local budgets. Accordingly, some of the funds will be released within this direction," K.Bishimbayev said.

The Minister noted that major costs associated with infrastructure construction for the Universiade and EXPO, to decline in 2017, that will allow to use the released resources for other direction.

In addition, K.Bishimbayev noted that the audit will be carried out later this year.

"The audit will be this year, but work on real formation of funds for 2018, budget for 2018 will begins from March 2017. We have a draft of three-year budget, which is submitted to the Parliament, and depending on it we will see what additional resources we have," K.Bishimbayev concluded.

Published: 27 September 2016



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