During a press conference at CCS Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Yuri Ilyin informed on construction of 3 new dams aimed at reducing the mudflow hazard in the regions.

According to Yuri Ilyin, the design and construction documents for developing the anti-mud slide protection facilities will be elaborated by the year-end. This also includes construction of dam on the Khorgos River. However, final amount required will be known after passing state examination.

“There will be 3 new dams in Aksai Gorge; Mynzhyky dam, which is located on Malaya Almatinka, will be upgraded. Project organizations are currently working on these issues. The final amount required for developing anti-mud slide protection facilities will be known after passing the state examination. Majority of anti-mud slide protection facilities were built in the Soviet period, have a long operational lifetime, but it does not mean they are not reliable today,”    Y. Ilyin informed.

According to Deputy Minister, elaboration of design and construction documentations for 3 hydro technical constructions will be financed with Almaty local budget funds.

“These are increase of Mynzhylky dam capacity, construction of anti-mud slide protection facility in Aiusay valley on No.13 Lake, and designing the Aksay dam construction. Local budget earmarked funds, the design and construction documents will be elaborated by the year-end with passing the examination, and we will address national budget to allocate funds for constructing new hydro technical facilities. This includes Khorgos, we are working with China on construction of hydro technical facility in a dam form on the Khorgos River,” Y. Iliyn added.


Published: 11 October 2016



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