Today in the city of Shymkent, the Minister of Agriculture Askar Myrzakhmetov met with the population of the South Kazakhstan region and spoke about tasks set before the Government by the Presidential Address “Third Modernization of Kazakhstan: Global competiveness” .

“Every Presidential Address is an important event for country. In his Address the Head of State expresses the most important pressing issues affecting everyday life. He sets clear guidelines to the Government. He appeals to the whole population, to the residents of cities, countryside, to every citizen,” – the Deputy Prime Minister said.

The President offered 5 key priorities to implement the Third Modernization: accelerated technological modernization of the economy, fundamental improvement and expansion of the business environment, macroeconomic stability, improvement of the human capital, institutional reforms, security and the fight against corruption.

 In addition, the Minister announced tasks of developing the agro-industrial complex set before the Ministry of Agriculture by the Head of State.

These are the necessity to review principles of allocating subsidies and a gradual transition to production insurance; within 5 years to develop all conditions to merge more than 500 thousand households and small farms into cooperatives; the necessity to increase the level of product processing, create an effective system of storage, transportation and distribution of goods; improve productivity and reduce production costs; increase the effectiveness of land use, within 5 years to increase the irrigated areas by 40%, bringing it to 2 million hectares; increase the investments into agricultural research, required in production; popularize the “Made in Kazakhstan” brand and increase export potential.

In turn, to implement tasks of accelerating technological modernization the AIC works on implementing digital technologies, particularly in the process of subsidies automation. This year, full automation will be implemented in three directions (interest rate, fertilizers, pesticides). This allows reducing application processing time 2.5 times (from 18 to 7 days). In addition, this reduces corruption risks in the issuance of subsidies. These objectives should contribute to the AIC becoming a main economic driver. They formed the basis of the new state program on developing the agro-industrial complex for years 2017-2021, which was recently signed by the President.

The basis of the state program of AIC development is developing the agricultural unions in the countryside. The program also provides for the growth of labor productivity in agriculture by 38%, growth of gross agricultural output by 30 %, growth of food exports by 600 million USD, decline of food import by 400 million USD, growth of wholesale food trade by 29% compared to 2015, decrease in irrigation water consumption per 1 hectare by 20%, increase of additional surface water resources by 1.9 km3.

 Also within the framework of his visit, A. Myrzakhmetov held a meeting on developing agricultural cooperatives in the region.

Published: 17 February 2017



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