In March, Kazakhstan’s teachers will not be making their traditional spring home visitation. This will become possible thanks to integrating databases of the Ministries of Justice, Internal Affairs, Education and Science. This was reported by the Minister of Education and Science Yerlan Sagadiyev at the press conference following the Government meeting.

The Minister states that according to the Law on education, monitoring of children preschool and school age was within the jurisdiction of local executive authorities in the sphere of education. In order to implement this norm, a MES order was issued, according to which more than 100 thousand teachers twice a year made home visits.

“Previously, this took place on a voluntary basis, it was not paid, there was a lot of negative information regarding this,” – the Minister said.

The Soviet tradition is decided to be cancelled next month.

“Today, teachers don’t need to visit homes to gather information, all the data is in that database,” – Y. Sagadiyev noted.

The Deputy Minister of Education and Science Bibigul Assylova added to the words of Y. Sagadiyev.

 “At that time, when we did not have this integrated database, no IT, this information was relevant. We need to keep pace with the times,” – she said.

According to her, the state database of individuals is currently working at a high level in Kazakhstan. From birth the child is given an IIN and all stages of their life can be traced. Aside from that, there are the national educational database and the MIA database. The Deputy Minister noted that work will be done to integrate these databases. The Ministry of Healthcare also expressed their desire to be included in this system, because this information will be useful in implementing CSMI.

In the near future, the Ministry of Education and Science jointly with concerned state bodies plans to issue a new order.

“In March our teacher will not be required to make home visits, which will significantly reduce the burden on them,” – B. Assylova concluded.

Published: 28 February 2017



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