Deputy Minister of Defence Talgat Mukhtarov told the Majilis deputies about the social and legal securities of Kazakhstan’s peacekeepers participating in the UN missions.

“Matters of legal and social securities are fully regulated at a sufficient level both by international legislation and the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Peacekeeping Activities”, which you adopted in 2015. For example, according to the UN Convention of February 13, 1946, UN personnel involved in peacekeeping activities may not be detained, arrested, subjected to criminal or administrative persecution, but at the same time, according to the Law "On Peacekeeping Activities», the national contingent is obliged to abide the Constitution and laws of the host country, as well as customs and traditions of the local population. In case of committing an offense, the accountability of our contingent comes exactly under the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Social protection is also stipulated. First, our servicemen will receive wages in a three-fold increased amount and are provided with free meals during the peacekeeping period. Also, upon return, free sanatorium treatment is provided, service record is credited as 1 month to 1.5 months,” – Talgat Mukhtarov said during the Government hour.

He recalled that the peacekeeping battalion "Kazbat" was created as per the President's order in 2000. At this stage, according to the Deputy Minister, it is fully staffed with personnel, armaments necessary for commendable accomplishment of tasks.

The Ministry of Defence notes that there are a lot of those wishing to serve in “Kazbat”, that is why strict selection criteria are set: health status, sports training, professional skills, knowledge of languages, psychological stability and so on are taken into account. Training of the peacekeeping battalion is carried out in accordance with the combat training plan.

"We believe, at this stage our units are completely ready. They are trained in fighting in various urban and rural areas, dealing with hostage-taking, including the whole range of elements of peacekeeping operations and patrolling matters, organizing service in temporary stationary posts, air patrolling, reconnaissance, etc.,” – Talgat Mukhtarov said.


Published: 13 March 2017



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