Today, First Deputy Prime Minister Askar Mamin got acquainted with the work of the Astana counter-regulator, intended for engineering protection of the areas of existing and prospective development of Astana from possible floods.

Deputy Minister of internal Affairs Y. Ilyin reported on the work of the Astana counter- regulator in the current period. According to him, the counter-regulator includes protective dam spanning 31 km and can temporarily hold flood water in the volume of up to 450 million m3.

Y. Ilyin said that at present the counter-regulator stores 250 million m3 of flood waters discharged from the Astana (Vyacheslav) reservoir

The counter regulator passes water to the Yesil River, no more than 40 cubic meters per second (3.5 million cubic meters per day).

Recall, the construction of the facility was completed in 2010, and in the same year, 31.8 million cubic meters of flood waters were intercepted in the Astana counter-regulator. In 2014 - 138 million m3, in 2015 - 249.8 million m3, in 2016 - 45.0 million m3 of flood waters, thereby providing protection against flooding of the city of Astana and its environs.

Following the meeting, First Deputy Prime minister gave a number of specific instructions to the Ministry of Internal affairs and the Akimat of Astana. A. Mamin stressed that “it is necessary to constantly monitor the state of the Astana counter-regulator”.

Published: 29 April 2017



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