Today, as part of his working visit to South Kazakhstan region, Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev visited the Shymkent oil refinery and familiarized himself with the results of the first stage of production modernization.

During his visit to the oil refinery, Bakytzhan Sagintayev familiarized himself with the results of the first stage of the plant's modernization and inspected one of the enterprise’s production buildings which is dedicated to the mini isomerization process (obtaining high-octane components of marketable gasoline from low-octane oil fractions) and to gasoline production meeting K-4, K- 5 (Euro4, Euro5) standards.

Modernization of the Shymkent oil refinery began in 2011 as part of the Forced Industrial Innovative Development State Program and includes 2 stages.

The first stage of modernization was completed in the summer of 2017. The enterprise has built an isomerization unit for light gasoline fractions with a pre-hydrotreating unit. A sulfur production unit was put into operation; a diesel hydrotreating unit was reconstructed. After the completion of the stage, the plant is able to produce high-octane gasoline and K4, K5 ecological class diesel fuel.

The second stage of modernization should be completed in 2018.

It should be noted that at present the Shymkent refinery produces 30% of the total current volume of oil products produced by Kazakhstan’s three refineries. This is the only oil refinery located in the south of Kazakhstan, in the most densely populated part of the Republic. Given the favorable geographical location and high technical capabilities, the enterprise has broad opportunities for deliveries to the domestic and foreign markets.

The capacity of the Shymkent oil refinery is 5.25 million tonnes, or about 40.65 million barrels of oil per year. The plant’s range of pe

troleum products includes various grades of gasoline (A-80, A-92 and A-96), diesel fuel, aviation kerosene, liquefied gas, vacuum gas oil, mazut and sulfur.

It is also worth noting that at present, in accordance with the Presidential Address, the Government is working to create a new model of economic growth, where along with the creation of new industries it is planned to give impetus to the development of traditional basic industries, including the oil and gas sector. At present, the Government, together with the business, is working on a comprehensive action plan for the technological re-equipment of basic industries before 2025.

Published: 29 September 2017



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