In the beginning of October, Kazakhstan has launched the first stage of new system for customs declaration Astana-1. This was reported by Minister of Finance Bakhyt Sultanov during the Government meeting.

Bakhyt Sultanov reported that on October 1, the entire Republic saw the launch of the new information system with the conditional name “electronic border”, the first component of the Astana-1 system with regards to the customs transit, and now all transit in our country is formalized according to the new system. Over the past two days, the new system has issued 1157 declarations and the average clearance time was 16 minutes - this is four times faster than before.

“In addition, the business is already experiencing real savings thanks to the new system due to the fact that preliminary information has been transformed to transit declaration and now there is no need to doubly waste time and money on registration,” – B. Sultanov noted.

He also notes that the system is operating in regular mode, there is a complete exchange of information with the EAEU countries on issued and closed transit declarations. In addition, before the end of December it is planned to initiate the phased launch of all remaining systems and from January 1, 2018, the Astana-1 system will operate in full mode throughout the country.

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The introduction of the Astana-1  information system is aimed at optimizing the customs policy and procedures in accordance with WTO standards, international standards and best practices, introducing the electronic declaration system, reducing the number of documents for export and import and their processing time, introducing advanced techniques for risk and post-audit management.

Published: 03 October 2017



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