Astana has hosted the presentation of the “Kazakhstan Fund “Uakhyp” Corporate Charity Fund. The event was attended by Minister of Religious Affairs and Civil Society Nurlan Yermekbayev, Supreme Mufti of Kazakhstan Yerzhan Mayamerov, representatives of state agencies and the business community.

The welcoming speech was delivered by Minister of Religious Affairs and Civil Society, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Uakhyp Fund Nurlan Yermekbayev. He said that Kazakhstan has many people who strive to do good, charitable deeds – “sauap”.

“According to religious canons, one doesn’t necessarily need to build a mosque in order to do a charitable deed. It may be any deed that is useful to society and people. Including the construction of schools, hospitals, roads, bridges, playgrounds and many other things. All of this is in essence – “sauap”… The Fund’s work will help eliminating the spontaneity of this process. It will contribute to systemizing charity relations. And most importantly - everything will be transparent, and will benefit the community,” – Nurlan Yermekbayev assured.

The fund is expected to support projects aimed at promoting the construction and maintenance of religious buildings and social facilities, supporting the clergy and the poor, unemployed and disabled.

According to N. Yermekbayev, such institutions are widespread in many countries with long traditions of mass charity. The Waqf institute is widely used by Muslim countries, most of which have special Waqf ministries. Similar systems with the state’s participation have already been adopted and are operating not only in the Islamic countries of the Middle East, but also in secular states. For example, in some subjects of the Russian Federation, in Kyrgyzstan and Turkey.

The event closed with the signing of memorandums on cooperation between the Fund “Uakhyp” and Al Saqr Finance JSC, Bank of Astana JSC, with several philanthropists expressing the desire to provide charitable assistance.

Recall, the Fund “Uakhyp” is a non-profit charitable organization whose activities are aimed at supporting traditional values, morality, preventing religious radicalism and fanaticism, financing social projects, educational and educational activities, and increasing the efficiency of clergymen and supporting the functioning of religious institutions.


Published: 05 October 2017



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