The plenary session of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan has adopted the Law “On the Ratification of the Arms Trade Treaty”.

“The Arms Trade Treaty was adopted on April 2, 2013. Today, 91 States are party to the Treaty. The document establishes direct prohibitions on the transfer of weapons in the event that such a transfer violates the measures taken by the United Nations Security Council, a breach of the state's obligations under international agreements, if these weapons and means can be used to commit acts of genocide, crimes against humanity, serious violations of The Geneva Convention of 1949, attacks on civilian facilities or civilians who are under protection, or other war crimes,” – Deputy Minister of Defence Talgat Mukhtarov said, presenting the bill.

According to him, the scope of the Treaty includes the category of conventional weapons, such as small arms, battle tanks, air and sea vessels. The Treaty provides for the creation and use by each participating State of national control systems, including checklists, which are provided to the Secretariat.

An annual report containing information on the authorized or actual export and import of conventional weapons is also provided to the Secretariat. Reports may exclude confidential information for commercial reasons, or reasons related to national security.

The Deputy Minister noted that in connection with the discrepancy of the paragraph "redirection" in paragraph 2 of Article 13 of the Treaty text in Russian to the term in paragraph 2 of Article 13 in the English variation, it is proposed that the Treaty be ratified with an interpretative declaration that the term "redirection" in this case will be understood as illegal redirection.


Published: 12 October 2017



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