In the course of the meeting, Nursultan Nazarbayev drew attention to the importance of implementing state and sectoral programs assigned to the Ministry of Investments and Development, and mentioned the interim results of their implementation.

“Over the years of implementing the industrialization program, 1060 projects have been launched for a total of 5.2 trillion tenge. This allowed creating 100 thousand jobs. Since the launch of the program, its projects have been producing products amounting to 8 trillion tenge. This is a hallmark achievement for the country. We are creating 500 types of products that we have never produced before,” – the President of Kazakhstan said.

The Head of State drew attention to the results of the implementation of the Nurly Zhol Infrastructure Development Program.

“Construction and reconstruction of 5 thousand km of roads of national importance have been carried out since 2010. Another 4500 km will be introduced before 2020. Thus, now 85% of National highways are in good condition. Roads have been commissioned for the Western Europe-Western China project and the Astana-Temirtau, Almaty-Kapshagai, Beineu-Shetpe and Kokshetau-Petropavlovsk routes. In addition, the largest bridge in Central Asia has been built across the Irtysh River. 75 thousand people were involved in the implementation of these projects. Furthermore, 90% of all construction materials were produced in Kazakhstan,” – Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

The President of Kazakhstan has also stressed the economic significance of the Kuryk Sea Port and the Khorgos international center for cross-border cooperation.

In addition, the Head of State mentioned the results of the implementation of the Nurly Zher Program, within which more than 10 million m2 of housing has been built.

“Housing construction is carried out in nine regions. All programs are aimed at improving the lives of our citizens. All that has been accumulated, we use to improve the welfare of the people of Kazakhstan,” – Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

At the same time, the President of Kazakhstan mentioned certain issues that require increased attention from the Ministry’s leadership.

“The Industrialization State Program still has not yet ensured the diversification of the country's economy. The share of manufacturing in GDP has not changed significantly. In general, all the necessary tools are available to carry out the assigned tasks. You are fully responsible for the implementation of economic and social priorities,” – the Head of State said.

Nursultan Nazarbayev noted the importance of implementing all programs for the further development of the country and improving the welfare of citizens of Kazakhstan.

In conclusion, the President of Kazakhstan gave a number of specific instructions.

Published: 16 October 2017



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