In the course of the plenary session of the Majilis of the Parliament, Deputies have raised the issue of the efficiency of the work of the RSE Kazhydromet of the Ministry of Energy.

In particular, Deputy Kuralai Karaken asked the Minister of Energy Kanat Bozumbayev about the modernization of the domestic meteorological service.

"Given the high meteorological vulnerability of our country, today there is much concern around the issue of developing and modernizing the domestic hydrometeorological service, which is primarily connected with its financing. What is expected to be done by the Government to provide Kazhydromet with modern technologies and equipment? After all, yet again no funds were allocated for this within the three-year budget,” – the Deputy asked.

Answering the question, the Minister stressed that this is a very important issue and that the actions of all public services depend on the actions of Kazhydromet during flood season.

“What do we intend to do? First and foremost, starting next year, we assume that Kazhydromet will significantly improve its hydrological forecasts, providing the state bodies and the population with qualitative and timely forecasts. We are improving the existing methodology for hydrological forecasting. We will apply numerical models, hydrological forecasting, which is currently applied in developed countries,” – the Minister said.

Bozumbayev has promised, that representatives of the Ministry will conduct inspections together with the CoES and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which was never done before.

“There will be on-site inspections of river basins, paying special attention to the measurement of moisture reserves in ravines, forest plantations, which accumulate large snow banks that are not accounted for. Beginning 2018, we will use remote earth sensing satellites to forecast spring tides,” – he said.

The Minister also stressed that the forecast on floods will now be provided on a monthly basis.

“During the flood period, it will be updated every 10 days. In turn, fixed assets at the RSE Kazhydromet are largely obsolete, thus this year we have developed a comprehensive program to improve the activities of the RSE. The cost of it is about 17.5 billion tenge, 11.5 billion of which we want to burden on the National budget, just over 5 billion tenge is the company's own funds,” - the Energy Minister said.

“This five-year program will largely update the basic facilities of Kazhydromet, and then its forecasts will be much more accurate and more fully reflect the ongoing processes in our country. The corresponding program has been coordinated with government departments; we agreed with the Ministry of Finance that when we update the budget for 2018, we will begin receiving the first financing from the National budget. But in 2018, we will begin work already at the expense of the enterprise’s own funds,” – Bozumbayev concluded.


Published: 18 October 2017



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