The foreigners who have committed violations of traffic rules in Kazakhstan are proposed to be barred from departing the country until they pay fines. Such a proposal was voiced by Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Berik Bissenkulov at the plenary session of the Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

This issue was raised by Majilisman Assylbek Smagulov. “Drivers of cars with number plates of neighboring countries, when violating traffic rules and being photographed with speed cameras remain unpunished. For example, one car was caught on speed cameras 22 times, and the total amount of fines was more than half a million tenge. But the driver remained unpunished,” – he said.

According to the Deputy, the reason for this is the lack of registration of cars in the database. “The fine remains unpaid, and drivers – unpunished. Today, there is much concern around the issue of ensuring safety on the streets. In this connection, I ask if the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the Border Service of the NSC considers it necessary to work on amendments to the Administrative Code and other laws allowing the driver to be notified of the need to pay the fine when crossing the state border?” – the people's representative asked.

In turn, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan Berik Bissenkulov agreed with the proposal of the deputy.

“As for the foreigners who commit offences. In those instances when they leave the country, we propose that we give our Border Guard Service the appropriate authority. In turn, we have the technical capacity to integrate with their information system. Our entire database on offenses could be automatically merged into the information system of the Border Guard Service, thus organizing the notification service at the borders. We also propose to consider the issue of introducing a legislative ban on the departure of foreigners from the country prior to the payment of an administrative fine,” – the Deputy Minister proposed.

Representatives of the NCS noted that such experience exists in the Russian Federation, where the entry and exit from the country are closed for violators, one which can be used in Kazakhstan.


Published: 25 October 2017



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