The social component of the three-year budget was expanded during the consideration of the draft budget in the Parliament.

"In absolute terms, for the three-year period, expenditures in this direction will amount to 13 trillion 434 billion tenge. In the total volume of budget expenditures, the share of social expenditures is planned to be increased from 44.6% to 47.6%. The bulk of social spending falls on social security and social assistance to the citizens. Within the planned period, 8.7 trillion tenge is allocated for this purpose, of which 2,6 trillion tenge is for 2018,” –Minister of Finance Bakhyt Sultanov said, speaking at the session of the Senate on the bill “On the National Budget for 2018-2020”, approved by the Majilis .

Thus, expenditures for the healthcare system for 2018-2020 will amount to 3.3 billion tenge, including 1.2 billion for the implementation of the Densaulyk State Program in the three-year period.

More than 400 billion tenge is provided for the Education and Science Development State Program in the three-year budget.

Expenses under the "Rukhani Zhanghyru" program will amount to 35 billion tenge, of which 13.5 billion tenge in 2018.

The real sector expenditures in the three-year period will amount to 3.6 trillion tenge, including 1362.3 billion in 2018. They will be used for the implementation of the programs “Nurly Zhol”, “Nurly Zher” and for the Development of Regions until 2020, the second stage of the Industrial and Innovative Development State Program, for the development of transport and logistics infrastructure and the agricultural sector.

Meanwhile, in the planned period, 3.4 billion tenge is provided for ensuring the defense capability and state security, of which over 1 billion tenge in 2018.

"All in all, the proposed draft of the main financial document of the country for the forthcoming three-year period ensures an adequate redistribution of the gross national product through the budget while maintaining all the commitments and initiatives in the social sphere, as well as continuing positive influence on the development of the real sector. The Government has taken all necessary measures to find domestic sources for financing additional activities, which in future will allow us to adhere to the policy of multiplying and preserving the resources of the National Fund and keeping the budget deficit at a moderately safe level,” – Bakhyt Sultanov assured.


Published: 16 November 2017



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