The Ministry of Healthcare has developed new rules for procuring medical equipment, according to Minister of Healthcare Yelzhan Birtanov.

"We conducted an audit of all procurements of medical equipment for the last three years. We discovered facts of procurement at an inflated price, medical equipment was bought without specifying the country of origin, without observing the terms of the warranty service. We forwarded all these facts to the Accounts Committee. Under the instruction of the Head of State, the Accounts Committee conducted an audit in the social cluster, relevant information related to a number of facts was forwarded to law enforcement agencies,” – Yelzhan Birtanov said in the course of the meeting with representatives of NGOs in the healthcare sector.

The Minister noted that his department has now abandoned centralized medical equipment procurement.

“The Ministry has abandoned this system, taking into account the systemic problems. We have developed new rules for procuring medical equipment. They are now currently being coordinated with state agencies. They include a requirement – if equipment is procured at the expense of the budget, then there has to be a mandatory inspection, justification. It is no secret that oftentimes equipment is bought, but there are no specialists, no demand, and it is left idle,” – Yelzhan Birtanov stressed.

Therefore, according to the Minister, systemic measures are taken to solve this problem: those are the change in the procurement rules, the creation of a single nomenclature of medical equipment with the indication of all prices, all modifications of the equipment purchased.

“This is done so that in forming these investment plans in the future, there would be clarity and responsibility of those people who make the decision,” – Yelzhan Birtanov explained.

The Minister of Healthcare also dwelled on issues of attracting private investors for procuring medical equipment.

“All in all, we believe that it is necessary to attract private investments in infrastructure development. This is why we have developed a number of measures, approaches and schemes. We have managed to conclude 20 contracts. Medical equipment was procured at the expense of private investors. We will continue this work, including along the lines of leasing and renting. In many cases it is possible to avoid using state funds to procure expensive equipment. It would be better if these funds were applied to raising tariffs, and we will procure high-quality services from suppliers in the market. Of course, there are issues of ensuring that rural organizations also have medical equipment. We are not shying away from this issue,” – Yelzhan Birtanov said.


Published: 22 November 2017



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