It is necessary to invest a trillion tenge in Kazakhstan’s healthcare infrastructure, according to Minister of Healthcare Yelzhan Birtanov.

“In spite of the face that in recent years the Government has made considerable investments, a significant part of the healthcare facilities is in a state of moral and physical deterioration. And at the same time, the number of beds per 10 thousand people is comparable, sometimes even higher than in countries with a similar level of development. This suggests that we are not very efficient at using expensive stationary property. Speaking of medical equipment, we made significant investments, practically all the generally accepted international technologies are available to us, but we are trapped due to the fact that this equipment is quickly worn out - morally more so,” – Y. Birtanov said at the international forum "Investments in healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan".

The Minister noted that in previous years medical equipment was purchased simultaneously for all regions and, accordingly, this equipment becomes obsolete simultaneously and now major funds are needed to replace it.

According to Y. Birtanov, the estimated need for investments in the healthcare sector is about a trillion tenge, in order to maintain the existing infrastructure by the minimum standards.

In addition, the Minister said, there is a task is to transform the hospital sector - to transition from mono-profile to multi-profile service provision.

At the same time, Y. Birtanov believes that in order to solve the above problems, it is necessary to increase the share of the private sector in the healthcare system in different ways, not only by selling out health facilities.

In order to implement this policy, an analysis of the existing network of medical institutions has been carried out. A new standard has been developed, which provides for the unbundling of the primary network, the merger of hospitals into larger ones, as well as the transition from specialized emergency departments to multidisciplinary ones. Taking into account the new standards, a long-term plan for the development of the health infrastructure will be developed before 2025, the plan will include a list of projects: budgetary, concessionary and those to be implemented by private companies.


Published: 30 November 2017



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