Deputy Prime Minister Erbolat Dossaev invited businessmen to participate in the privatization of healthcare facilities, opening the international forum "Investments in Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan".

"In order to reduce the State's participation in the country’s economy to the level of the OECD countries, the Head of State instructed the Government to accelerate and complete privatization in the entire country by the end of 2018. This also applies to the healthcare system. Privatization takes different forms, from the sale to new owners of those assets that are in the possession of the state, to the introduction of various forms of cooperation, such as public-private partnerships, trust management and so on. I would like to take this opportunity to invite representatives of the private sector to take an active part in this process,” – E. Dossaev said.

The Deputy Prime Minister noted that new legislation on public-private partnership and investments was adopted in Kazakhstan, which gives new opportunities both for Kazakhstani and foreign investors. There are advanced institutions supporting investment and innovation.

According to E. Dossaev, healthcare today should not just be considered as a social sector, but also as an important part of the economy. For example, by 2020, the state budget expenditures on the social sphere will reach 47.4 percent, a considerable part of them falls on health care. Starting from January 1, 2018, the Social Medical Insurance Fund will start operating as a single operator in the work with a guaranteed volume of free medical care. From 2020, taking into account the accumulated funds in the Fund, there will be significant changes in the structure of health financing and approaches. At present, the Ministry of Healthcare has already received many applications from private medical organizations to participate in the provision of services within the framework of the GVFMC. Accordingly, the Government will create conditions for those who intend to invest in the healthcare system of the Republic.

E. Dossaev also stressed that of importance is not only the process of modernizing the healthcare system within the framework of providing high-quality services, but also the modernization of the healthcare infrastructure and the digital transformation of our country’s healthcare.


Published: 30 November 2017



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