An inspection of a residential complex with operating cloud-based video surveillance took place with the participation of Deputy Prime Minister Askar Zhumagaliyev and Akim of Astana Asset Issekeshev.

Recall, this innovative service from Kazakhtelecom JSC is available in all regions since September 2017. The service is aimed at ensuring security and improving the comfortable living of residents of Kazakhstan's cities in multi-family residential buildings.

“One of the impacts of the Digital Kazakhstan State Program is the development of public-private partnership, which boosts business’s investment in digital transformation. This project, which we saw today in action, is a clear example of how representatives of the business environment invest in projects and contribute to its implementation,” – Askar Zhumagaliyev said.

Several measures were implemented in order to organize video surveillance: mechanisms for protecting video data streams through establishing isolated data transmission channels, a multi-level authorization system and access only for the residents, with the delineation of access between user interfaces and video data storage.

“This service is gaining popularity among the population, as well as among business customers. This is an effective way to protect the interests of business and citizens,” – Chairman of the Board of JSC Kazakhtelecom Kuanyshbek Yessekeyev said.

During the demonstration of the system’s operation in the metropolitan housing complex, the main advantages of this innovative service were listed as following: cloud monitoring allows for constant monitoring of the situation around the entrances of apartment buildings, access to which is provided to users online, on mobile devices and in the “personal account” of the service, it also saving video-data for the last seven days.

For business customers, the service offers the ability to record video for up to 30 days, as well as install customers’ own video cameras. In the future, the company plans to install about 60 thousand CCTV cameras in the entrances of residential buildings until the end of next year.

It should be noted that the infocommunication operator Kazakhtelecom is actively studying and developing modern SmartHome, SmartCity, Internet of Things systems for managing buildings, cities that provide the opportunity to manage and optimize processes, improve the efficiency and safety of operation of facilities in cities.

Published: 25 January 2018



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