During today’s press conference on the development of tourism within the framework of the 8th direction of the Presidential Address, Minister of Culture and Sport Arystanbek Mukhamediuly said that according to data for the first nine months of 2017, the number of internal tourists increased 25% to 3.5 million people.

The Minister noted that Kazakhstan has unique natural landscapes and numerous historical sites, such as Ulytau, sacred places of East and West Kazakhstan, Altai.

“This list can go on and on, every site in Kazakhstan is unique and connected with history. We are obliged to show the whole world these places,” – Arystanbek Mukhamediuly said, answering the question about the top 10 amazing places in Kazakhstan.

Also, the Minister noted that in order to stimulate the development of tourism in Kazakhstan, there are educational and animated films about historical sites of Kazakhstan being currently shot.

Deputy Chairman of the Tourism Industry Committee Dana Kurmasheva in turn noted that Kazakhstan is carrying out large-scale work on the development of domestic tourism within the framework of the Rukhani Zhanghyru program.

According to Dana Kurmasheva, work with the regions is built on a cluster basis. The Concept for Tourism Development 2023 was adopted, which clearly defines the cluster principle.

It was noted that the value of the cluster system lies in the fact that it contributes to the specialization and active economic development of a certain region.

“Since last year we have been working with the regions on a regular basis, we have developed an action plan. At the level of regional Akims, systematic work is carried out on infrastructural development, joint packages for the promotion of tourism products in the regions are being formed,” – the Deputy Chairman of the Tourism Industry Committee said.

Dana Kurmasheva noted that the South Kazakhstan cluster, represented as the epicenter of the Great Silk Road, is especially active. In this region, work is pointedly carried out to create a tourism cluster and there is very close synergy between all the facilities.


Published: 25 January 2018



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