There are plans in Kazakhstan to modernize and export Soviet military equipment. This was announced by Minister of Defense and Aerospace Industry of Kazakhstan, Beibut Atamkulov, during the presentation of the draft law “On the Defense Industry and Defense State Contracts” in the Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

According to the Minister, in Kazakhstan there is a lot of old military equipment in the warehouses of military units, left since Soviet times. It is proposed to repair, modernize and export this equipment. Everything that cannot be sold needs to be disposed of. These measures are proposed to avoid shadow circulation of weapons inside the country.

It is also proposed to transfer to the Ministry the right to dispose of unused military property, which consists of taking the following decisions: on transferring property to the authorized capital or paying for shares to organizations of the defense industry complex with the participation of the state, for use in production activities or in the production of military or dual-use products; on the sale of weapons and military equipment; on recycling.

In addition, it is proposed to legislatively fix the specifics of the sale of unused weapons and military equipment, according to which the sale of weapons will be carried out with the condition of its export, and the possibility of repair and modernization in the organizations of the national defense-industrial complex.

“We propose to exercise this right on the disposal of unused property in two stages. At the first stage, it is proposed, by amending the Law "On Defense and Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan", to fix, first of all, the competence of the Ministry on disposal of unused military property. The second stage will include the subsequent procedure for emptying the territory of military units, exporting and storing the property, which will be carried out through financial resources from the National budget, subject to approval by the Republic’s Budget Commission,” – B. Atamkulov said.


Published: 01 February 2018


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