The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population presented the comprehensive outreach program “Aleumet”.

As was noted at the press conference, the program was developed by the employees of the department with the purpose of raising the awareness of the population on social and labor issues.

“Last year we uncovered wage arrears to some 22 000 workers. Employers owed employees about 3.3 billion tenge. Our labor inspectors carried out work. As a result, all arrears had been paid,” – said Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population Nurzhan Altayev.

According to him, 25 693 workers filed complaints in 2017.

“The rights of these workers were protected by our labor inspectors. Here it is necessary to note the lack of legal literacy among our people. Because our workers often sign employment contracts without looking, without reading what is spelled out in those contracts. This is a very serious problem, one which we have to solve,” – Nurzhan Altayev added.

The program consists of 4 areas and covers all categories of the population of the country.


Published: 07 February 2018


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