Deputy Minister of National Economy Baurzhan Bekeshev spoke about planned changes with regards to trade regulation.

In particular, in order to stimulate “correct” payments and improve transparency of transactions, the Ministry suggests returning a certain percentage to buyers.

“We want to use the cash-back mechanism. We want those people who carry out transactions in digital form to have a certain percentage of VAT or the price of purchases returned to them (now determined). We now want to implement this project in the communal market of Astana by agreement with the State Revenue Committee, there is an obligation to use cash registers,” – he said at a meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission.

According to him, each citizen should demand receipts so that all trading companies use cash registers.

“Therefore, to encourage customers to do this, we want to use the “carrot method” – if you demand a receipt, by the end of the year the amount of your purchases that have been made through cash registers, or through online transactions, will be returned to you. The single payment system will allow carrying out transactions, payments, without resorting to any bank. It will connect all banks, any time you buy something – you can make a payment through this system. All this will be recorded using your BIN, personal account,” – Bekeshev said.

He also added that the National Bank is developing a mobile application for a single payment system.

“We will try to minimize the human factor. Everything will depend on how we work through this concept, and on the people who will work on it,” – the Deputy Minister added.


Published: 26 February 2018


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