During the roundtable in the Majilis of the Parliament, Deputy Minister of Education and Science Askhat Aimagambetov explained which curricula are introduced in mainstream schools.

“They constantly say that there are programs of Nazarbayev Intellectual schools, that the children there are gifted, and why we are implementing this program in mainstream schools. Here I would like to remind that the curriculum of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools is not being implemented in our secondary schools in its original form within the framework of the updated content. We are introducing adapted programs based on the experience and principles of the Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools. It seems to me that this is very important,” – A. Aimagambetov said.

The Deputy Minister recalled that before the introduction of new programs, they were tested in 30 pilot schools, and there were also 16 control schools. Monitoring was carried out, which showed that the new programs based on updated content almost double academic performance. Among the pilot schools were both rural and urban.

According to A. Aimagambetov, currently about 70 percent of schools have updated classrooms. For several years, targeted transfers have been allocated to provide schools with such rooms and equipment, and this work continues.

In addition, as the Deputy Minister said, the approaches to training teachers have changed. Teachers take courses on updated content, lasting from 1 to 4 weeks. For mainstream teachers, the Nazarbayev Intellectual schools have developed a system-methodical complex, including thousands of medium-term, short-term, per-lesson, calendar-thematic plans. Teachers who have completed the courses receive these plans and do not need to develop them independently, but only to adapt for their students.


Published: 26 February 2018


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