Deputy Minister of Finance Tatiana Savelyeva stated one of the main problems in civil service - a shortage of qualified personnel.

“The root of all problems is the lack of qualified civil servants, including due to the big flow of workers to the quasi-public sector. Here we have certain imbalances,” – Tatyana Savelyeva said in a roundtable on the preliminary assessment of the draft National budget in the Senate of the Parliament.

According to the Deputy Minister, this situation with administrators of budget programs results in such problems as the inability to set concrete goals, determine performance and effectiveness indicators, the insufficient level of quality and completeness of budgetary requests.

“Second reason - the inadequate physical infrastructure in both central and regional state agencies caused by a lack of funds. This results in overstatements of expenditure with a view of further reallocation of funds, tackling of current problems at the expense of long-term development. Third reason – the lack of motivation among administrators to determine clear priorities within the framework of limited resources resulted from accelerated increase in spending over a long period of rising oil prices,” – Tatyana Savelyeva added.

The fourth reason, according to her, is the emphasis on protecting expenditures, and not results at all stages of the budgeting process.

The fifth reason – there are hindrances in the exchange of information between the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of National Economy, the Accounts Committee with regards to audit results, performance assessments and monitoring of the implementation of budget investment projects.


Published: 15 March 2018



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