The Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan has in plenary session passed the Law “On the Security Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

“The bill provides for regulation of the legal status, competence and organization of activities of the Security Council. The Security Council is proposed to be determined as the coordinating constitutional body. The bill consists of three chapters. Chapter 1 defines the legal status, activity base, tasks and functions of the Security Council,” – Minister of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan Marat Beketayev said, presenting the bill.

According to him, the tasks of the Security Council include consideration of the main directions of state policy in the field of national security, defense capability, as well as coordination of activities of state bodies and organization in these areas.

The articles of chapter 2 establish the composition of the Security Council, the powers of its chairman and members, and the activities of the Security Council. The powers of the chairman are as follows: spearheading the activities of the Security Council; convening sessions and operational meetings of the Council; approving the provision on the Security Council; as well as other powers provided for by law.

Chapter 3 regulates financing of activities of the Security Council and the staff of the Security Council, as well as the procedure for enacting the Law.

As M. Beketayev noted, the accompanying amendments to the legislation are aimed at bringing the current legislative acts in line with the adopted Law. In particular, this is an amendment to the Budget Code, which stipulates that the rule on the development of strategic plans does not apply to the Security Council. Associated amendments were approved in the first reading.


Published: 31 May 2018



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