The Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan in plenary meeting adopted the Law “On Ratification of the Protocol on Amendments to the Agreement on the Status of the Economic Court of the Commonwealth of Independent States of July 6, 1992”.

“The protocol provides for amendments to the Agreement and the Regulations on this body. It is aimed at reformatting the CIS Court in connection with an insignificant burden on it. An important innovation is the transition of the CIS Court to a new “ad hoc” format.”

According to the Protocol, the participating states independently determine the CIS judges and send their data to the CIS Court for inclusion in a single register of judges of the CIS Court. To consider specific cases, a chamber of three judges will be formed. Judges will come to Minsk only during oral hearings. This will significantly reduce expenditures from the National budget for the maintenance of this body. For example, if in 2015 expenditures amounted to 51 million tenge, this year, in connection with the new format, 8.5 million is expected,” - Minister of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan Marat Beketayev said, presenting the bill.

According to him, ratification of the Protocol, as a whole, is aimed at further development of the CIS legal framework.

Answering the questions of the senators, the Minister explained that the procedure for appealing the decisions of the CIS Court is determined by regulations. The CIS Court will consider the complaints in full court. The specific procedure for appealing will be regulated by the new regulations of the CIS Court.

Now there is no such regulation, in the near future the Chairmen of the CIS Court will consider its draft and approve it.


Published: 31 May 2018



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