Today in Ukimet Uyi, Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev chaired a series of meetings on the current status of works within the framework of the project management of the Third Modernization of Kazakhstan.

The meeting covered the main indicators of growth for the first half of the year in such areas as the development of agro-industrial and fuel-energy complexes, mass entrepreneurship, and the modernization of trade. Work plans for 2018, reserves and potential of the industry's contribution to the transformation of the growth model of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan were also considered.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture U. Shukeyev said that gross output of agricultural, forestry and fishery products and services in January-June of 2018 was 4%. The increase in production was due to an increase in slaughter and poultry slaughter in live weight by 5%, production of raw cow's milk by 3%, chicken eggs by 14.3%.

Minister of Energy K. Bozumbaev reported via videoconference call that the growth of gross added value with regards to the fuel and energy complex for the first quarter of 2018 was 5.4% with a plan of 2.7%. This is due to an increase in oil production (45.2 million tonnes) and gas (28.1 billion cubic meters) in January-June this year. At the same time, real growth in investments in the mining industry with the plan of 3.1% was 43.1%. According to the target indicators of output in kind, the half-year plan is executed almost in all respects.

According to Minister of National Economy T. Suleimenov, the total number of operating SMEs in the first half of 2018 is 1 196 974, which is 44 598 more than in the same period last year. Meanwhile, according to the results for six months, the target for gross value added of SMEs was achieved by all regions.

The growth of domestic trade in the first half of the year amounted to 105.9%. The volume of retail trade grew by 105.6% in January-June, while the volume of wholesale trade increased by 106.1%. The growth of retail trade is mainly due to increased demand from the population due to the growth of real incomes of the population by 3.7% in the I quarter of 2018. The number of employed people in the trade sector for the I quarter of 2018 was 1387.6 thousand people.

Recall, in the Addresses to the people of Kazakhstan the Head of State defined the main priorities of the country's development aimed at ensuring the economic growth rates above the world average and sustainable path towards joining the most 30 developed countries.

Within the framework of effective implementation of this task, the Government developed a project management mechanism. Through this system, it will be possible to resolve issues that go beyond the competence of one government agency and aim at achieving a significant economic effect.

Published: 11 July 2018



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