Today’s meeting of the Government chaired by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Bakytzhan Sagintayev, covered the implementation of the country's Strategic Development Plan until 2025.

Minister of National Economy T. Suleimenov reported that the main goal until 2025 is to achieve a qualitative and sustainable growth of the economy, leading to an improvement in the standard of living of people comparable with the OECD countries. For this purpose, it is planned that the economy will grow at a level of at least 4.5-5% on average per year, which will allow Kazakhstan to increase GDP per capita to $ 46 100 by 2025.

“Ensuring the planned growth rate is a prerequisite for achieving the set goals. At the same time, GDP does not fully reflect the quality of life, the level of real welfare of citizens and damage to the environment. In this connection, key national indicators measuring the quality of life of the population and the quality of economic growth are envisaged to measure progress on the way to joining the 30 developed countries of the world and achieve the goal,” – T. Suleimenov said.

Key national indicators are broken down into measurement areas and include indicators, including international ratings. In order to achieve key national indicators of the Strategic Development Plan until 2025, a Strategic Map was developed in which the indicators are broken down by sector and region, indicating annual values. Minister of National Economy T. Suleimenov said that the breakdown of key national indicators determined the contribution to the final result of each relevant central state and local executive body responsible for their achievement. The most complex three indicators are divided by sectors and regions: “productivity growth”, “fixed investment”, “share of non-observed economy”.

According to the Ministry of National Economy, all indicators of the Strategic Map show positive growth aimed at improving the situation in this or that sphere.

“On the whole, the adopted Strategic Map will allow tracking the achievement of the targets of the Strategic Plan and taking appropriate measures if deviating from planned values. To ensure compliance with key national indicators, the planned values ​​of the Strategic Map will be adjusted only when changes and additions to the Strategic Plan are made,” – the Minister of National Economy added.

Monitoring of implementation and achievement of the targets of the Strategic Map will be carried out once a year as part of monitoring the Strategic Development Plan.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan E. Dossaev reported that, according to the President's Order, central and local bodies are doing a lot of work to achieve key targets of the Strategic Development Plan. All 37 indicators are being worked out. Certain agreements were concluded.

Following the consideration of the issue, Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev noted that meeting national indicators of the Strategic Development Plan of the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2025 is one of the main priorities.

This work should be carried out both at the central and local levels. In this regard, all state agencies and Akimats of the regions are tasked to speed up work on adjusting the documents of the State Planning System in accordance with the Strategic Map and take measures to implement it.

Published: 28 August 2018



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