Today, as part of a working visit to Pavlodar region, Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Sagintayev visited secondary school No.36 in Ekibastuz, where he met with the board of trustees, parents' committees of local schools and discussed topical issues of the development of the education system. Among them: improving the quality of teaching, providing educational materials, improving physical infrastructure, digitalization, etc.

The comprehensive secondary school No.36 has been operating since 2016. Currently, 916 children attend the school. The school’s teaching staff consists of 53 teachers. The classrooms are equipped with all necessary hardware. Robotics and chess classes have been opened taking into account new approaches to the modern educational process.

The Prime Minister inspected the IT-rooms, where the teacher B. Belgibayev told about the implementation of the pilot project “Program Your Future”. Student A. Amangeldy, in turn, demonstrated on the interactive whiteboard her animated project in English.

In the assembly hall of the school Bakytzhan Sagintayev held a meeting with the supervisory boards and parents' committees of local schools. Participants of the meeting shared their vision of solving urgent issues in the education system, expressed their proposals for improving the quality of educational services.

The representative of the school № 18 A. Armangul raised the issues of providing first grade students with educational content in the state language. N. Kossdauletova, on behalf of school number 2, raised the issue of further development of the infrastructure of educational institutions. The representative of school № 17, S. Aknurova, spoke about the improvement of the work of mixed schools. V. Kolodyuk (school number 35) - about increasing salaries for social educators, school psychologists, methodologists. K. Kokumbayeva (School No. 22) raised the issue of extending the validity of the Unified National Test certificate. V.Potrahina, on behalf of the school №10, made a proposal on the system of knowledge assessment. The representative of the school No. 21, S. Berteneva, raised the issue of reducing the burden on schoolchildren by moving to a five-day academic week. Sh. Akmurzin raised the issue of opening in the region on the premises of schools of additional junior extended training classes.

Prime Minister B. Sagintayev and Minister of Education and Science Y. Sagadiyev answered the questions of the meeting participants. The open dialogue allowed identifying problems and understanding the general situation, and discussing effective ways to resolve them. Following the results of the discussion, the regional Akimat and the Ministry of Education and Science were instructed to work on the issues and proposals voiced.

Published: 14 September 2018



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