Today, during the Government meeting chaired by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Sagintayev, a draft National Action Plan for the implementation of the Head of State’s Address “Growing Welfare of Kazakh Citizens: Increase in Income and Quality of Life” was considered.

As the Minister of National Economy of Kazakhstan T. Suleimenov reported, the national plan provides for 100 actions regarding the six key objectives of the state’s development for the coming period.

With regards to the first objective, “Growth of incomes of the population”, the Head of State in his Address dwelled on the welfare of Kazakhstanis. Within the framework of the first task, 24 measures are envisaged aimed at improving the income and quality of life of Kazakhstanis and the creation of new jobs.

“Among the most important measures for Kazakhstanis is a gradual increase in the minimum wage from January 1, 2019. In order to protect people's incomes, changes will be made to the legislation to ensure transparency of the tariff setting mechanism, the use of public utility services. In order to effectively support business, the Business Road Map program will be continued until 2025,” – T. Suleimenov said.

Under the second objective, “Improving the quality of life”, 24 activities are envisaged, covering two important areas - education and health. According to the Minister of National Economy, in order to eliminate the shortage of student places and solve the problem with three-shift schools, construction of schools in the regions will be launched at the end of this year.

In the field of health care, in order to improve the quality of medical services, from January 1, 2019, all clinics and hospitals will switch to paperless, digital keeping of medical records.

“This year construction of the National Scientific Oncology Center, equipped with the most modern equipment, will be launched in Astana. In order to protect the population from low-quality and hazardous goods and services, a committee will be created to control the quality and safety of goods and services,” - T. Suleimenov said.

The Minister of National Economy reported that all activities of the National Plan are aimed at improving living conditions, comfortable and safe living in any settlement of the country.

At the same time, in order to form a rational territorial organization of the country, the Forecast chart of the territorial and spatial development of the country up to 2030 will be adopted, which will become the New Map for managed urbanization of the country. According to the Minister, for the qualitative implementation of the Forecast Chart, the Program for the Development of Regions until 2025 will be adopted next year, with specific activities, projects and funding levels. For the development of transport infrastructure, communal and housing construction, the implementation of the Nurly Zhol and Nurly Zher state programs will be continued until 2025.

As reported by T. Suleimenov, in order to fundamentally improve the work of law enforcement agencies and ensure the safety of citizens, a Roadmap for the modernization of the internal affairs bodies will be adopted, providing for the introduction of a new modern format for working with the public, providing public safety monitoring systems.

“Further modernization of the judicial system will be continued through the introduction of modern formats of work of courts and advanced electronic services, reducing redundant judicial procedures,” – he stressed.

Within the framework of the fourth objective “The state machine, focused on the needs of citizens”, there are 19 actions. In order to reduce the distance between the state and society, a program “Leader of the new formation” will be developed, providing for explaining to people the concrete measures and results of state policy.

As part of the objective “Effective Foreign Policy”, measures will be taken to adapt foreign policy to modern conditions and promote national interests on the principles of pragmatism.

Within the framework of the sixth task “The participation of each Kazakhstani in the transformation processes in the country”, there are six actions.

In particular, as T. Suleimenov reported, changes and additions will be made to the “Rukhani Zhanghyru” Program, providing for new content and directions. Within the framework of the announced Year of Youth, an Action Plan will be adopted, providing for measures to support all categories of youth. To strengthen the role of military-patriotic education in schools, the Sarbaz children's and youth association will be created.

“In general, the timely implementation of the National Plan will ensure the effective implementation of the instructions given by the Head of State in the Address aimed at improving the welfare of the people and lay the foundation for ensuring socio-economic stability in the country,” – the National Economy Minister said.

Published: 09 October 2018



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