The progress of implementation of the Nurly Zher State Housing Program for nine months of this year was reviewed today during the meeting of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan chaired by Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev.

According to the Ministry of Investments and Development, 8.8 million m2 of housing was commissioned across the Republic in the framework of the Nurly Zher State Program during the first 9 months of this year, which is 11.6% more than in 2017.

“More than 77 thousand families improved their living conditions, of which about 9.5 thousand families purchased housing built with public funds,”-  Minister of Investments and Development Zh. Kassymbek reported.

Investments in housing construction increased by 31.5% compared to the same period last year and amounted to 818.9 billion tenge. For every 1 tenge of public investment 8 tenge of private funds was invested. According to the results for 9 months this year, the largest volumes of housing commissioning are observed in the cities of Astana (1.8 million m2), Almaty (1.3 million m2) and Mangystau region (910.5 thousand m2).

“In total this year it is planned to complete at least 12.1 million m2 of housing, of which 1.3 million m2 or 22 thousand apartments are in the framework of state investments,” – Zh. Kassymbek noted in his report.

According to the Ministry of Investments and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a total of 148.6 billion tenge has been allocated for the implementation of the state program in the 2018 National budget. For the supply of engineering communications to the areas of housing development, according to the financing plan, 44.6 billion tenge was transferred from the envisaged funds, of which 40.8 billion tenge was applied, or 91.7%. 500 km of utility networks have been laid.

At the same time, Zh. Kassymbek reported on the implementation of certain parts of the Program.

With regards to the first direction “Construction of non-buyable rental housing for socially vulnerable groups of the population”, it is planned to build 3470 apartments in the current year.

“As of October 1 of this year, 1176 rental apartments were commissioned. Of the estimated 26.9 billion tenge, 21.3 billion tenge was brought to the regions, of which 20.1 billion tenge was applied, or 96.7%. In general, in the framework of the Address of the Head of State, we plan to increase funding for the construction of rental housing up to 50 billion tenge,” - the Minister of Investments and Development said.

207 billion tenge is directed for the implementation of the second direction “Construction of credit housing”, turned every 2 years as part of bond loans. As Zh. Kassymbek stressed, in 2016, 67 billion tenge was allocated from the National Fund to Akimats through Baiterek Holding for the implementation of this direction. From 2017, the allocated funds of Baiterek Holding and Samruk-Kazyna Foundation are additionally redirected in favor of Akimats. For the current year, the Ministry of Investments and Development plans to provide financing to Akimats in the amount of 100.9 billion tenge for the implementation of 141 projects, which ensures the construction of 9793 apartments. Thus, as of November 5 of this year, Akimats attracted 93 billion tenge. 180.5 thousand m2 of housing or 3096 apartments were commissioned. Until the end of this year, additional 6697 apartments will be commissioned.

In the framework of the third direction “Development of individual housing construction”, about 40 thousand land plots are being equipped with engineering communications this year, of which about 16.5 thousand plots have already been issued.

The operator of the fourth direction "Stimulating housing construction by private developers" is the Damu Entrepreneurship Development Fund. According to the Fund, the plan for issuing subsidized loans to developers is 152 billion tenge for the construction of 600 thousand m2 of housing. Today, private developers have commissioned 138.5 thousand m2. In general, since the beginning of the implementation of the Program, banks approved 77 projects with a total amount of loans of 67.2 billion tenge, of which 46 subsidy agreements were concluded for 42.9 billion tenge.

According to Zh. Kassymbek, in the fifth direction “Housing construction with the involvement of entities of the quasi-state sector”, it is planned to complete the construction of housing under previously launched projects. Out of the funds of the National Fund allocated in 2016, Baiterek Development JSC concluded contracts for 95.6 billion tenge, applied 93.5 billion tenge or 97.8%.

“Today 578.4 thousand m2 or 9669 apartments have been commissioned. Out of 97 billion tenge allocated in 2016, the Samruk-Kazyna Fund concluded contracts for 75.9 billion tenge for the construction of commercial housing. Before the end of the year, Samruk-Kazyna needs to return the remaining 50.3 billion tenge. These funds will be spent on financing by the local executive bodies of the construction of credit housing,”- Minister Zh. Kassymbek reported.

At present, the Fund transferred to developers 68.8 billion tenge (96.9%), and introduced 162.7 thousand m2 of commercial housing. In addition to the already commissioned housing, it is planned to complete the construction of 23 thousand housing units (of which more than 13 133 apartments are in the framework of state investments).

“In general, housing construction and disbursement of funds are being constantly monitored. Housing construction is actively developing, which contributes to a significant improvement in the living conditions of citizens, an increase in the growth rate of construction, as well as the development of entrepreneurial initiatives,” - Zh. Kassymbek said.

The Chairman of Baiterek National Management Holding JSC A. Arifkhanov reported that through Baiterek Development JSC, out of 113 billion tenge allocated in 2016, contracts were concluded for 95.6 billion tenge, 94.9 billion tenge were applied as of October 1 of this year, or 99.2%. In 2018, with a plan of 34 thousand m2, 24.9 thousand m2 or 73% were built. 9.9 thousand m2 will be commissioned additionally by the end of 2018,.

Housing Construction Savings Bank, in turn, stimulates the demand and sale of built housing for its investors. With the annual plan of 270 billion tenge, the population received 30 thousand soft loans amounting to 274 billion tenge. At present, 1.2 million contracts with the amount of savings of 568 billion tenge are in the system of HCSBK.

“To further stimulate housing construction savings, the online banking system and the real estate Internet portal BASPANA.KZ are being actively developed, which brought together all investors, developers and government agencies on its platform. Now, Kazakhstanis digitally receive online consultations on the services of the Nurly Zher program, information on finished facilities and those under construction, cost per square meter and bank products. Today, 11 thousand apartments have been sold through the portal to the population at fixed prices of 80 billion tenge,” – A. Arifkhanov said.

Akims of the Mangystau region - E. Tugzhanov, Atyrau - N. Nogayev, Almaty - B. Baibek and Astana - B. Sultanov reported on the implementation of the state program in the regions.

Published: 06 November 2018



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