Majilis considers in first reading the draft law "On introducing amendments and additions to some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on further improvement of government system" at the plenary meeting.

"The draft law, firstly, delimits the authorities between the newly formed Agency (the Agency for Civil Service Affairs and Anti-Corruption) and the Ministry of Finance within the framework of criminal and administrative processes. Currently, 16 articles on corruption crimes belong to exclusive jurisdiction of the Financial Police. Accordin to the bill, anti-corruption office shall have the exclusive right to investigate the same crimes, as well as 17th component within organization of illegal gambling by a person authorized to perform state functions. An alternative investigative jurisdiction with national security and internal affairs organs has been provided for three corruption offenses, Chairman of the Agency for Civil Service Affairs and Anti-Corruption Kairat Kozhamzharov said presenting the bill.

According to him, Ministry of Finance will investigate the cases on 35 articles on economic and financial crimes.

Suchcomponents of crimes as provocation of corruption crimes, deliberately given false evidences by a searching authority, disclosure of information from inquiry and investigation were saved in an alternative investigative jurisdiction - a total of 32 articles, or 92 components of crimes.

K. Kozhamzharov also said that the bill demarcates jurisdiction in cases of administrative offenses, anti-corruption office shall be entitled to produce by 4 articles of the Administrative Code. In addition, this service has been provided with the right to draw up a report by 24 articles. Ministry of Finance has 69 articles in exclusive jurisdiction and 71 articles in alternative.


Published: 24 September 2014



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