More than 3,500 specialists, arrived in the regionsthrough the program "With diploma to the village" did not fulfil the terms of contracts. It has been announced by Vice Minister of National Economy of Kazakhstan, member of the Council on Youth Policy under the President of Kazakhstan Kairbek Uskenbayev at a briefing in CCS today.

"3,659 people have violated the terms of the contract over five years. Probably, it is not such a big number, considering the fact that the growth of specialists who come to the village is in such good progress," K. Uskenbayev said.

We should remind you that housing loans at preferential interest rates in amount of 2 million 778 tenge and transfer allowances - 129 thousand 640 tenge were allocated for one arriving to the village.

"Now they will have to return these loans," K. Uskenbayev concluded.

"We expect that more than 17 thousand specialists will arrive to the village in 2014 - 2016," K. Uskenbaev said at a briefing in CCS.

According to the Ministry, the program "With diploma to the village" has covered more than 30,000 young specialists, and has provided more than 24.5 billion tenge during 5 years.

"If in 2008, there were a little more than three thousand specialists, now we have more than 6,000 ones. And we are expanding this program every year. If the initial stage of this program covered the specialists of mainly budgetary sector, i.e. health, education, culture and sports, now we are expanding the list of specialties by the suggestion of the local executive bodies," K. Uskenbayev concluded.

According to him, the Ministry plans to include such specialists as agronomists, veterinarians, livestock specialists, technicians, farmers and others to the list of professionals.


Published: 26 September 2014



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