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No cases of coronavirus infection found in western regions and Kyzylorda region of Kazakhstan

Sunday, 15 March 2020, 19:21:10

As part of the government delegation’s trip to Mangystau, Atyrau, Aktobe, West Kazakhstan and Kyzylorda regions, the deputy prime minister personally visited tuberculosis dispensaries and infectious diseases hospitals in each region.

“You know that urgent measures have been taken to prevent the spread of coronavirus in our country. Unfortunately, information about the threat of coronavirus in our country has been confirmed. And today we are faced with the crucial task of confronting coronavirus pneumonia,” stressed Yeraly Tugzhanov.

In order to prevent the disease, hospitals for isolation are designated in the regions of the country. As reported, all medical institutions in the regions have been put into active operation, border quarantine stations have been set up, medical workers have been trained and provided with personal protective equipment.

In the Mangystau region, the infectious ward of the Mangystau regional hospital with 60 beds, the regional tuberculosis dispensary (pharmacist hospital) with 280 beds, the infectious ward of the multidisciplinary hospital in Zhanaozen with 70 beds have been prepared. In the region there are 7 sanitary quarantine points.

In the Atyrau region, all medical facilities have been put into active operation, border quarantine stations have been set up, medical workers have been trained and provided with personal protective equipment. In addition, the region has 12 mechanical ventilation devices and an isolated building with 100 beds.

In the Aktobe region, as part of measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, the necessary measures are also being taken. A bed fund for 130 beds, infectious hospitals with a modernized material and technical base, a pharmacist hospital for 200 beds, and observation for 500 beds have been created. Institutions are provided with the necessary supply of medicines, medical personnel have been trained.

In the West Kazakhstan region, all medical organizations are provided with personal protective equipment, medicines and necessary disinfectants. 38.9 million tenge were allocated from the reserve of the Government for the purchase of medicines and medical devices. In the region, infectious, provisional and quarantine places have been identified. In the medical institutions of the region, 194 beds have been deployed.

There are no patients with suspected coronavirus infection. Round-the-clock monitoring of arrivals from other countries is carried out.

In the Kyzylorda region, coronavirus infection is also not registered. The provisional hospital of the region for 100 places and the quarantine center for 400 places are equipped with the necessary equipment, medical protective equipment and medicines. The region takes the necessary measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, in accordance with measures adopted by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Based on the results of familiarization with the level of preparation and equipment of medical organizations for providing medical care to patients with coronavirus infection, the deputy prime minister noted the importance of maintaining supplies of necessary medicines and providing medical organizations with necessary medical equipment and personal protective equipment.

Particular emphasis is also placed on the need for early preparedness of infectious hospitals for the admission of patients and the operational provision of additional places if necessary. conducting continuous monitoring of the epidemiological situation of distribution.

Recall, on behalf of the President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, under the leadership of the prime minister, a rapid response working group was created to develop an anti-crisis plan for the economic situation in the country. The head of state instructed the Government to fulfill all obligations to the population, to strengthen measures to ensure employment and social stability. On March 13-15, a government delegation led by Deputy Prime Minister Eraly Tugzhanov visited five regions of Kazakhstan.

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